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Words when written with the heart, evolve into powerful medium of expressions, conveying the emotions or personality behind them. 



Oh hi there. I would like to think that some form of serendipity has landed you here, that you, who like me, appreciate calligraphy, art or simply paper. Care to stay on to know the person behind the work?

Love brought this Singaporean girl to Hamburg, a beautiful harbour city in Germany. Leaving behind my family, friends and a career in marketing, I started life afresh in a sense, complete with a new set of language skills, newfound role as a full-time mum and the fresh concept of four seasons. 

It was challenging and tears inducing at times, but it gave me the opportunity to  understand and experience what Slow Living is - to take the time to experience the moment that you are in. And in that self-discovery journey, I found my solace and passion in calligraphy. 

I saw how my handwritten cards put a smile to my friends who received them. I would like to see more of that. Thus I founded The Lisserei because I want to make more people happy, and myself happy.

Another little side project that makes me happy is liss mit mir. It is where I combine my goals of practicing my calligraphy skills and german, delivered with doses of muted colors. Learning a language is a long and arduous journey, so might as well make it a beautiful journey for fellow german learners! 

If I can help you in anyway to bring your dream wedding or brand personality to life, or capture words of the heart with my humble nibs and paper, and not so humble Apple Pencil and iPad Pro, get in touch with me for a consultation.

I take on digital commissions worldwide. The world is smaller than we think. And more beautiful too. 

Look forward to creating something beautiful with you. 


- Elisse Zeng Kothe


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